Purpose of the Company

 We aim to commercialize the meat quality evaluation technology using the latest image analysis technology cultivated at Obihiro University of Agriculture and Livestock Build a mechanism. In addition, we established the “Carcass Database” to provide analysis results in various fields so as to contribute to the development of the livestock industry.

Relationship with Meet Image Japan

Our Business

  • Sale of dedicated livestock cameras in Japan and overseas
  • Operational management of livestock databases in Japan and overseas
  • Livestock database service business in Japan and overseas
  • Planning, development, sales, maintenance and operation management of livestock-related application software
  • Consignment of research / survey in livestock-related business and provision of such information / consulting
  • Other domestic and overseas agricultural businesses
  • All businesses incidental or related to the preceding items

Company Infomation

Company name: MIJ labo Inc.
Corporate Number: 4601-01-006470
Established: November 29, 2018
Location: 11 Inadacho Nishi 2 Line, Obihiro City, Hokkaido Inside Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
Capital: 9.8 million yen