April 2023: Feature in the DIME magazine latest edition

Our meat grading technology was featured in this month’s edition of the lifehack magazine DIME as one of the 100 companies that are on the cutting edge of the new wave of Japanese startups.

The translation of the article follows below:

The company is utilizing AI-based image analysis methods and a camera to develop a practical application for big data “carcass database” as well as meat quality evaluation technology. This system is being introduced in Japan, the U.S., and other countries. The company is also collaborating with Fukushima Prefecture to develop a system that predicts meat quality at the time of shipment by analyzing ultrasound images taken of live cattle during the mid-growth period.

Amid the perception that the livestock industry is unprofitable and the shortage of successors in the business is imminent, the company’s efforts to utilize AI are aimed at overturning this conventional wisdom. Once analytical data is converted into big data, its use is expected to expand in an ever-increasing number of ways.

For the article in Japanese, click here.